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myPluto helps small teams, young entrepreneurs and ,aspiring product managers to navigate the development of their first product in a structured manner. Industry tested frameworks from myPluto have helped started in Fintech and Food Delivery segments to deliver superior product roadmaps and cleaner product life-cyle in shorter span on time through its frameworks and guidance. What to Expect
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As a Founder/PM, be

intuitiveleadershipdeep dive solver

first principle thinkingprioritizationdesignproblem solvinguser research communicationteam

If the customer is King, your product is the main architect to entice the King.


You own the product, and execute its vision from end to end, solving real world complex customer problems.


You get to hone skills and knowledge of different verticals, from research, development, design, marketing and communication


Returns in terms of knowledge, monetary compensation, and career growth one of the highest in Industry

famous CEO's who were into product

Sunder Pichai,

Now CEO of Alphabet. Started off as a Product Manager at Google. Was responsible for conceptualisation, planning, and delivery of Google Chrome. Rose to CEO within 11 years at Google

Steve Ballmer

Previous CEO of Microsoft, who tripled its revenues and delivered the best ROI in industry, was a Assistant Product Manager at Proctor and Gamble before joining Microsoft Wiki


aspiring product managers

If you are someone who is looking to transition to a PM role, from a developer, designer, marketing, OR business sided role, myPluto's frameworks will help you get a deeper hands on understand of what exactly goes inside a product life cycle and what things you should be completely aware of to build awesome products that scale

early stage startup founders

Got an amazing idea to execute and solve real customer problems at your first startup? Our team has been there, done that. Through myPluto, you will save lots of time and direct your energy and team in a structured manner while shipping of your product to the world. From Interviews to competitive analysis, gap analysis, building and prioritising stories and setting a product process in place, are the major aspects myPluto will help you in.

pro bono

are you a startup founder stuck in a loop? let us know if we can be of any help. We have already assisted over 20 startups from following industries


Being a founder in fintech is hard. A strong digitization of services, from banking by Neo-Banks, to investments by Discount Brokers, AI based Managers, to Private Investments, User Verification(KYC) norms, and data security, insur-tech etc to name a few verticals that have adopted digital product journey in recent years. Identifying a gap within the existing structure, while in parallel, building a product around in, handling evoling compliance can be a tough task, especially for first time founders. MyPluto Networks have folks who have been there and done that in fintech.


Prediction, of seasons, soil analysis, to machinary and equipment manufacturing, optimizing logistics and distribution etc, B2B startups are trying to cover many different aspects in Agriculture, a sector that was initially though to be technology averse. Being one of the biggest market in terms of workforce deployed and its extreme criticality, Agri-Tech startups often enjoy the benefit of Govt Policies to help them grow. A downside here is often a higher entry barrier that startups often struggle in initially.


Climate Change is a burning issue, in literal and figurative sense both. With United Kingdom burning, South East Asia facing disturbing rainfall patterns and more extreme conditions, and a catastrophic impact of global warming, startups in climate change are dealing in forcasting weather and rain patterns, collecting data, renewable enery generation etc. manufacturing startups focusing on enery density and distribution are soon expected to evolve big


Covid-19 gave an example of the dangers of a fragile healthcare system. With over 6 billion lives to take care off on Earth, healthcare industry possesses enough avenues/problems that can be solved. From insurance, to using ML in predicting fatal diseases, digital diagnosis, innovations in medicine and treatment etc is only the tip of an iceberg in fields that hold massive potential to add value


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